Digital Twins is a great example of how digital information can become part of our lives. They have a chance to become a key tool for optimizing the most diverse processes.

Virtual representations of physical objects, gracefully dubbed digital twins, are replacing physical prototypes. Their most fascinating feature is their ability to communicate with their physical counterparts with which they exchange information at all times. …

The pandemic has turned the life we have grown accustomed to over the last few decades on its head. Will technology help us minimize the damage caused by the current crisis? What role can quantum computers play in this process?

The shock we are experiencing is sure to transform research…

The sight of a robot handling pallets in a warehouse is nothing unusual. How dumbfounded would we be though if that robot flew off the handle and raved about not wanting to work all day long. Is it possible for machines to feel anger, fear or joy and recognize such emotions in people?

We can consider the well-known feeling of fear to be the product of evolution. It is there to protect our species from dangers. When in fear, we either flee, look for a hiding place or disappear from the view of the people or objects that threaten us. Alternatively, we fight…

Norbert Biedrzycki

Technology is my passion. Head of Microsoft Services CEE. Private opinions only

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