The Quantum Internet: A nightmare from a spy dream

Norbert Biedrzycki
7 min readAug 27, 2019

Ensuring that information sent over the internet does not fall into the wrong hands is one of the greatest technological challenges of our age. Therefore, network administrators and cryptologists closely follow reports on the development of the quantum internet. Some people believe that quantum transmissions will provide absolute data security and one day become the foundation of all digital communication.

Is that belief justified?

I’ve written about how quantum computers work. Now it’s time to talk about quantum networks. I believe research into the potential of the quantum internet is critical to future IT security. Will it provide absolute data security, thwarting data thieves? Today, the answer is unclear; nothing is 100 percent certain in the realm of ​​quantum technology. Not now, anyway. But what is certain is that the possibility of quantum communication is whetting the appetites of militaries, governments and industries for whom data protection is critical to survival.

Mastering all aspects of information except securing it

Today, neither the generation nor commercialization of information, nor its adaptation to the needs of modern business presents any insuperable problems. We know how to produce information (in fact, we wrestle with overproduction) and how to turn it into increasingly more ingenious devices. Thanks in part to artificial intelligence (AI), we are getting better at searching, structuring and classifying information, enhancing the capabilities of scientists and medical professionals, among others. And yet, we can’t keep the information we generate, structure and communicate secure. Anyone who works with or depends on the internet is unsettled by the almost daily reports of personal data breaches in banks, public institutions and social networks. Most people are growing increasingly uncomfortable about the manipulation of personal identifiable information by criminal entities or shadowy individuals and groups with mysterious agendas. In this environment, I believe that only those who learn how to fully secure information will be able to gain a significant advantage in business and politics.

The world is not unaware of the importance of information security. I have repeatedly…

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